Friday, July 21, 2006

OnCE uPoN a TiMe

A fairy tale

I met a Norseman
And I was an ingénue franlein
Under the earth we could have been a chatterbox
Talking about zymurgy to aardvark
But we couldn’t
Perhaps we thought eloquence is the greatest truth

Time never manumits man from memories
One autumn full of oaks
When I was an elf like mantis
And his crudeness was hated
Everybody talked about his miscreant
God! A nitwit was I
Mesmerized by the beast
No magic wand will ever
Liven me again
Though there is no mourning today
As I think am not numb
And life would never be the same
My senses are alive
Infact am miser of all now
To stay contended;
Dancing fandango in dreams of thy!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Glaciers of the moonlight
Shinning on her shoulders bright
Her locks trickling
She fails to manage
Her scurf is unruly
But she isn’t worried
Rather she is puzzled

Nor by the uncontrollable winds
Neither by the waves of sadness
All alone she is moving
Thoughts take a walk
Ahh it’s an endless rambling
As it never reaches the shore
Nor it touches the crown of the mountains
But it’s too high
The thoughts are too soft
Moving like flakes of ice
But there is no shivering
All there is endless tears
And they never freeze.