Friday, July 21, 2006

OnCE uPoN a TiMe

A fairy tale

I met a Norseman
And I was an ingénue franlein
Under the earth we could have been a chatterbox
Talking about zymurgy to aardvark
But we couldn’t
Perhaps we thought eloquence is the greatest truth

Time never manumits man from memories
One autumn full of oaks
When I was an elf like mantis
And his crudeness was hated
Everybody talked about his miscreant
God! A nitwit was I
Mesmerized by the beast
No magic wand will ever
Liven me again
Though there is no mourning today
As I think am not numb
And life would never be the same
My senses are alive
Infact am miser of all now
To stay contended;
Dancing fandango in dreams of thy!


Blogger Lalit said...

you wirte cool blogs, really enchanting,
you havn't been writing lately?

11:30 AM  

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